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Eventree Media Is a Biggest organizations In This Globe Unde Omnis.

Event mangement

You are a couple that wants to plan on your own but you don't want to be running around on your wedding day! We have a team that will make sure your small details are noticed and every moment of your day runs smoothly.

Wedding Event Management

A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client's wedding. , couples are often willing to spend considerable amount of money to ensure that their weddings are well-organized.

Convention planner

Meeting, convention, and event planners organize a variety of events, including weddings, educational conferences, and business conventions. They coordinate every detail of these events, including finances.

About Us

Be it a small family_House opening event or something as big a wedding. We team up and plan with passion.We are the Leading Event PLanning,Wedding Planning and Photography agency in Patna Bihar.

Our Team holds expertise in handling events.We Collaborate and subcontract,Identify venues,Check Logistics,Planning the right gifts,print and design event collateral,and keeeping track of your budget.Our Team has espoused the latest technology so that we can deliver flawless virtual events for Corporate.Take the chair and take care of your relatives.Enjoy Creating memories.Let us supervise the hustle for you.

Why Hire Us:-

Our Services is the epitome of uniqueness and creativity. We make it clinch to create exceptional events.it takes extraordinary skill to dekiver a successfull personal or coporate event.Our team pours extra efforts to craft perfection on every project we work on.Our team executes perfect decoration .We tie-up with exceptional people_florist,catering,lights,artists,DJs,Desining Event .You have no worries we know how to handle and execute the event right.


Beautiful Event Design

Our expert specialise in photography and organising personal and corporate events_Wedding Planning,Engagement,event planning,family event planning, Wedding photography/videography,Maternity Shoot,Newborn Shoot.


Wedding Car

We never fail to execute our event without perfection.You have no worries we know how to handle and execute the event right.

Eventree Media

To make your memorable day look most beautiful organised and magnificient .Meeting deadlines and efficiency

Who We Are

The Eventree team is aligned to deliver you an event that makes your guests WOW!!! You are every big and small special monument needs Eventree_Aligning all essential elements together to craft something special.


Our Mision

To deliver fresh ideas,solid execution and Top-notch service.For personal and corporate events.


Our Vision

To continue to deliver standard service to our clients's they eye for Customised event planning.And serve many more clients as we move ahead on our journey.

Eventree Media Founder

To make your memorable day look most beautiful organised and magnificient .Meeting deadlines and efficiency.


Viplaw Sharma

  • Name : Viplaw Sharma.

We are in the business of creating joyous parties and flawless execution. We started as a free location referral source for companies planning conferences and events. Our clients then wanted us to stay on to help them plan more and more events. From there we were hired to plan the entire conference, as we are more cost effective than hiring an internal planner. So we started a consulting arm of the company. How you use us and for which services, is up to you.

We get it. You wouldn’t stitch up a wound yourself, or build a home without experts, so let us help you. We know that practical is beautiful, that a good event is all in the details. You can have the best food, the most incredible flowers, and a gorgeous venue, but if your guests have to wait on line to check their coats, or can’t get a drink, that’s all they’ll remember. Save the Date® can save your event, because we never lose sight of the guest’s experience.

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